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Virtual Telemental Health
Virtual Telemental Health
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Services & Philosophy

Individual Counseling

The Individual is the focus.  Family & significant others can be included at the individuals request, however, the primary focus will remain oriented towards the individuals success.

Couples & Family Counseling

The Couple / Family is the focus. Individual sessions may be requested, however, the couple / family goals will remain the focus of these sessions. Because of this, information shared during individual sessions will be integrated into the full session. 

Life Consulting

Life Consulting focuses on targeted goals that are intended to be achieved in the immediate future. Unlike therapy, Life Consulting is at minimum, one week long. Strategic contact points are used to ensure continued motivation and completion. The number of weeks needed will vary depending on the goals that have been identified. 


My role is to be your guide as we work to move you in the direction of your goals.

As an experienced therapist, I have worked with individuals in outpatient settings, residential settings and school settings. These experiences provide the knowledge and understanding that is imperative to partnering with people from a variety of backgrounds and ensuring positive outcomes.

Through the utilization of virtual sessions, I am able to create a welcoming environment that permits the consideration and utilization of methods that aid with complete exploration of ones self.

I have experience working with substance use, behavioral issues, family conflict, PTSD grief and marital conflict, along with other general mental health issues listed on our services provided page.


There are parts of life that can cause an increase of mental health symptoms; how you identify shouldn’t be one. As a cisgender, heterosexual, white-looking man, there have been a few moments in my life where my identity caused internal conflict. I make that declaration as a statement towards the society in which we live.  Using Strength Based Therapy, we will explore and discover strengths that you recognize, strengths that you dismiss, and strengths that you refuse to acknowledge. Once identified, these strengths will create a foundation that provides the vigor needed to

interact with the world at large in a confident and robust manner. 

Cannabis and Mental Health

No longer can we live by the idea that there isn't enough research on cannabis. In todays culture, we have research that suggests benefits from the use of medicinal cannabis. Whether you have a history of recreational use, or are wanting to explore cannabis for the first time; there are a variety of symptoms that medicinal cannabis can assist with. What led you to explore cannabis as an option? What benefits are you expecting? What is the best method of consumption? Through the utilization of virtual therapy, a safe and comfortable space is established. This space allows for the practice of Cannabis Assisted Therapy; an approach that allows for medicinal cannabis use during session to help increase the ability to process specific areas of mental health. 

Substance Use

Each person has unique experiences that are defined by how they perceive that experience. Substance Use is no different. Historically, if you experience “addiction” it becomes a defining part of who you are: I’m [Name here] and I’m a [Drug of Choice] Addict.” Substances can impact our lives in a multitude of ways. Using the Harm Reduction Model, we will work to identify realistic goals opposed to idealized goals. Realistic goals help to provide the success needed to minimize the role substances play in our life. We will utilize SBT to help identify strengths that we can use to fortify your ability to maintain the goals you set and ensure that you define the role of substances in your life, not the other way around.


Imagine having a superpower and being told you have a deficit. ADHD gives us the ability to do multiple things simultaneously; it gives us the ability to have fluid thinking. Imagine if this is what you were told when first diagnosed. What we’re oftem told is that we’ll struggle, get distracted, have difficulty paying attention, be disruptive, etc… ADHD creates difficulty at times, that is a part of the diagnosis, but not who you are. Most of us have an inquisitive nature that yearns for learning, we like to ask questions and understand what’s going on, we enjoy being a wanderer of life. If you’re ready, let’s start to redefine how your diagnosis of ADHD impacts your life and show the world the power you have!

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