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Virtual Telemental Health
Virtual Telemental Health
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Hurdle Hopping

Leaving a toxic work environment is hard. Add to it that the work you do is to provide services to individuals that won’t otherwise get that help and the difficulty to leave increases even more. Listen, as Marissa talks us through the skills she used to hurdle hop. 

Mulling things over w/ Marissa
00:00 / 57:59

Tasha talking is one of my favorite things. She’s insightful, disarming and knows what to say when others might not. It was a real treat to sit down for this conversation. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. 

Talking w/ Tasha
00:00 / 1:07:38

You waited and now it’s here. The cessation of the conversation. Without further ado, Part two.

Communicating w/ Candace (Part 2)
00:00 / 50:31

Part one of a two part discussion with the one and only Dr. Candace Anthony. One of the most self aware people you will ever get the chance to hear speak. When you get to the end and are itching for more, remember, part two drops in two weeks. 

Communicating w/ Candace (Part 1)
00:00 / 1:00:00

The epic finale of the two part conversation with Melissa.

Multitasking with Melissa (Part 2)
00:00 / 1:05:07

Part one of a two part conversation with Melissa. We allow our brains to multitask while we discuss Melissa’s hurdle and explore the various tools she utilized to help hop it.

Multitasking with Melissa (Part 1)
00:00 / 38:30

The first episode starts off with Greg discussing the hurdle of his parents divorce, the impact he thought it had, the impact that he would come to find out it had and the tools that he used to hop the hurdle.

Gabbing w/ Greg
00:00 / 37:06
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